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Learning Outcomes

B1.1 Inform ideas for progression into a creative career.


B1.2 Apply problem solving practice to develop a strategy for career progression.


B1.3 Create materials for career progression using technical practice.

B1.4 Demonstrate professional practice and behaviours in relation to career progression aspirations.

B1.5 Apply communication skills to support progression into a creative career.

Advert Survey
 Survey Response
 Risk Assessment
risk assessment.jpg
 Advertisement Gif
PDF viewers stopped working, so I will use screenshots instead.
 Advertising campaigns that went wrong
 Animation Screenshots
 Advertising Regulation
 Industry guide to advertising
 Initial ideas
 Initial ideas
 Final Evaluation

 Components of advertising


The strategy is a plan with involves making the idea and deciding the budget of the product.



The media is a plan that involves choosing what media to make their advertisement in to.  (YouTube ad, TV ad, etc.)


Creative idea

This is the main idea that will be made into the final product.



This is the production phase of the advertisement’s production.

 The biggest growing platform for digital advertising
 Learning journal
Final Product
(Password is 2558) 
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