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Digital Media

These are gifs that I have made to show the 3D scans I have made for my experimental project. All of these scans were made with Kiri engine.

This is a scan of an impressive cluster of mushrooms I found in my local park. Unfortunately, I have not been able to use this model in my final product as it did not fit well with the test of the models. If I were going to scan something like this again, I would remove any leaves and debris around the object to get a more clearer scan

This is a scan of a very intricate wood carving I have found in my local park. I forgot to use it in my final product, but I still have plans on how I can use it in the future.

This is a scan of a very intricate stone carving I have found while taking a trip to Bristol. I have found that carvings made from natural resources fit adequately into the theme of my project.

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