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Final Evaluation 


Initial ideas 

· What were your initial ideas and why?

My initial ideas were to make a game based off nature. This idea originated from my passion for nature, the environment, and the animals that inhabit it. I was also inspired by a game that takes a similar approach, “Bramble; The Mountain king”.  

· Why did you choose your final idea? 

I chose my final idea because it was the only idea I had at the time as the other ideas were being made for the other modules at the time. 

· Why did you dismiss the other ideas? 

I had no other ideas I had to dismiss. 

· Which genre does it fit? 

The video game showcase I made fits into the Animation and Nature genres. 



· Analyze your research and planning (e.g. from internet, magazines, leaflets, questionnaires etc.) 

I took many types of research by going outside for walks in the local park regularly to observe the environment and animals seen in nature. As I also took inspiration from “Bramble; The Mountain king”, I took some visual inspiration for the environment as I researched the tone of the game and how it looked. As I was making this video game showcase in Blender, I took plenty of research when it came to making realistic visuals in my project. I watched many videos on YouTube on how to make advanced textures using nodes and texture painting. 

· Were there any problems with evidence from your research, was it valid? 

The visual research I took for the environemt and trhe animals in it was from nature itself, so it is very valid. The research I took for my Blender skills development worked to make the project look as realistic as it does. 

· What did you learn and what did you incorporate into your product? 

I have learnt a lot about Blender and how to make things look more realistic and natural. I learned how to use Material nodes to make realistic looking water for the video game showcase. 


· What went well and why? 

The visualization of the video game showcase went well. My current skills with Blender’s modeling and texturing payed off. Scanning 3D objects and importing them into the project went well too; I recommend Kiri engine for 3D scanning. 

· What didn’t go so well and what did you do to rectify any problems? 

There was also a problem with 3D scanning while I was using Meshroom, the scanning process wouldn’t work well, so I switched my 3D scanning software to Kiri engine. 


The Product 

· Did any issues arise? E.g. any ethical problems or financial constraints 

There was a problem with time constraints; the development during the last few days had me rushing to make a final product. I planned to have a full animation of a segment of the game done and ready for the final deadline, but I underestimated the time it would take. 

· Did it contain an appropriate narrative structure? 

The final product didn’t have any narrative structure, it was merly a showcase of the assets I have made for the final product, showing the tone of what the game would have been like. 

· Analyse the product framing, type of shots used, the sound, lighting, effects and editing 

I used renders I took from the development of the assets to show in the final product, including the types of characters, and the 3D scans I made for the project. I have also put in the song “Give Up” by Low Roar playing in the background of the video, as I planned to have this playing during the final and complete product to set the tone for the video game. 


Your involvement within the project 

· What skills did you learn? 

As I have said, I have made a lot of progress when it came to my skills with Blender and how to make my projects more realistic looking. 

· What are your strengths and weaknesses? 

I have advanced skills with modeling and animating characters and objects inside of blender, but I struggle with planning my work thoughout the time I have and sticking to the scedule I have made. 




· Your overall thoughts about the production. 

Overall, I think the production for this module could have been better, I underestimated the amount of time and work it would take to make a short video game showcase for this module, but I feel that I have done good work showing both the professional development and personal development. 

· What would you do differently if you had to do it again and why? 

If I were going to do this module again, I would dirasticly cut down the amount of work I would need to do to more evenly spread my attention and work into my achedemic work and the work I need to do for my other 2 modules I need to do for that semester. 

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